Al Gore on Long Island– Climate Change, Democracy, and Al Jazeera; Oh My!



Photo by Kayla Rivara.

The state of the U.S. democracy and world climate change are of two very important topics, according to former Vice President Al Gore. These were among many topics brought up at the LIA luncheonon March 8, 2013 in honor of Gore’s latest book: The Future—Six Drivers of Global Change.

The purpose of the event was to educate citizens on Long Island in the various ideas to lead the way toward an innovative economy. However, Gore used it for more than that. Climate Change was a huge topic of discussion, with a few moments of dialogue on gun control and Al Jazeera in accordance with his new book.

“On Long Island 95,000 homes were destroyed,” Gore said on climate change. “We are treating the atmosphere like a sewer.” The program moderator had numerous questions regarding Long Island’s role in future change.

Gore replied by stating that there are “numerous resources” on the island. After the conference, many had opinions on Gore’s opinions. Neal Lewis, Executive Director of the Molloy College Sustainability Institute said, “I thought he was great. He really captured the aspect of environmental advocacy in businesses.”

Gore had been asked if he would run for president again. He said he would not; and Lewis said “with the successes he’s had lately and the differences he’s made, running for office would be “beneath him.”


Meet the WRHU team on the trip: Mike Fallon, Bruce Avery, Rich DeKorte, Gary Duff, Kayla Rivara, Charlene Sanders, and I. 

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